Medication Therapeutic Management Consultation

For nearly two decades, it has been recognized that when pharmacists take proactive roles in pharmacotherapeutic patient counseling, health care costs are reduced, adherence with prescribed therapeutic regimens improves, and adverse events decrease.

Since 2004 we have offered customized consultations between patients and pharmacist, Kelly Karpa. Dr. Karpa has long recognized the need that patients have to better understand the medications that they are taking including the ways medicines work and side effects associated with drug therapies.

Karpa completed a Respiratory Care certificate training program in 2000 and offers a 3-module education program for patients with asthma in which shw works with patients and their physicians to tailor the program to each patient's needs. She also provides general consultations for patients who would simply like to better understand their drug therapies, and she offers consultations to patients who are interested in probiotic therapies.

In April 2005, Dr. Karpa also began offering Diabetes Care consultations after completing another certificate training program. She also has expertise in hyperlipidemia management and provides medically- and scientifically-accurate information for patients who are interested in alternative medicines.