1. Published by the Society of General Microbiology in Microbiology Today

Probiotic research is plagued with anecdotes, “trials” involving one person and unproven claims. This is unfortunate given the promise that exists and the positive evidence which has accrued. Dr Karpa admits to being unaware of probiotics until recently and stumbled across their use by researching Clostridium difficile induced diarrhoea that affected a close family member. It could have been easy for her to be drawn into the more spurious aspects of this science, however this has not happened. While the book is aimed mainly at people with a passing interest in the area it is very well researched. The author is careful to give a balanced view, cites relevant research well and gives good examples of use. Sections are devoted to gut flora, immunology, use in specific applications, evidence for effects and future directions. The author is an expert medical writer and has published a highly entertaining and informative book.

Glenn Gibson, The University of Reading, United Kingdom


2. Letter from the former Assistant Director of the National Association for Crohn’s and Colitis (NACC) in the United Kingdom

I very much enjoyed reading your book ‘Bacteria for Breakfast’ and feel you have made a major contribution to the public’s understanding of the gut microflora and of probiotics.

Peter Cartwright


3. Book review written by Michael McCann, MD, FAAP, AAAAI, ACAAI (ret) published in Annals of Pharmacotherapy